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Bright cars: accents, which should not be afraid

Bright cars: accents, which should not be afraid

You can indefinitely make fun of the women, which choose a car for the beauty of his tone, rather than on the technical characteristics. Statistics, however, stubbornly asserts that car color plays hardly probable a decisive role in the decision to purchase it.

Bright cars

Safety and savings

First of all, the bright colors of cars can scare off potential thieves. Cars with non-standard color is Bright carseasy to catch the eye and are remembered by pedestrians, and it will not be difficult to point out the direction in which the newly-born owner drove off it- the hijacker. Studies of these offenses have shown: the exclusivity of the car and its color, the lower the risk for it to be stolen and sold to a new owner.

Style and originality

Another significant plus of colorful cars is their visibility on the road. In cloudy weather or at night in a timely manner to see gray or black car is very difficult, while a bright yellow or green cars easy to attract your attention and help to choose the right tactics of behavior on the road.

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