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The classification of API oils has an updating

American Petroleum Institute has added a new special symbol to facilitate the identification of motor oil, recently approved API of the category FA-4.

A new generation of diesel truck engines, whose release is scheduled for the end of this year, required the approval of the new demands to the lubricants and their correspondences. The categories FA-4 are intended for the latest diesel engine.

oil api


At the beginning of 2016 the new categories of motor oils FA-4 and CK-4 for the trunk engines of the model row of 2017 were submitted and approved. Despite the fact that the standards of API (American Petroleum Institute) have a long history dating back to the 1960s, such events as the simultaneous introduction of two new standards of the motor oil for the diesel engines are extremely rare. Such innovation took place in 1994, when the new classifications of API CF-2 (car oil, designed for the two-stroke diesel engines, used in harsh conditions) and API CG-4 (with the approval of the new US requirements and standards in ecology and emissions (the version of 1994 The motor oils of this class can be used in the engines, for which the classes API CD, API CE and API CF-4 are recommended. The main disadvantage, limiting the massive use of this class of car oils (for example, in Eastern Europe and Asia) is the heavy dependence of car oil resource from the quality of fuel used.)

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