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What is the athermal glass?

Athermal glass are called ones, which at the time of manufacture are made of metal oxides. Due to additives such glass less passed the infrared (heat) radiation. As a result of the addition of metal oxides athermal glass has a light greenish – blue, purple or bronze color.
For athermal glass does not include: tinted glass, simple glass coated with a variety of films and sputtering.

athermal glass

Benefits of athermal glasses:

  • Less heated dashboard and the passenger compartment.
  • Less glare compared to conventional glass.
  • Athermal glass are more durable than ordinary.
  • Auto glass is less prone to fogging, frost due to low heat.
  • With athermal lenses the load on the system of the vehicle climate control in the heat are reduced.
  • Upholstery less fade.
  • A more comfortable interior climate in hot weather.

There is one problem of such glasses: athermal glass is more expensive than usual. But due to the benefits this difference can be recouped. For example, athermal glass reduces the load on the car air conditioner.

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